How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker with White Vinegar?

You wake up and make yourself a good cup of joe. You sit, relax, and enjoy it whilst contemplating your chores for the day. Tranquility encompasses you. Each morning is good and peaceful. All of a sudden you realize your Ninja coffee maker is getting moldy and it’s time for some good deep cleaning. You get your bottle of white vinegar out thinking how to clean Ninja Coffee Maker with white vinegar?

Well, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so. So, let’s get you started.

What’s with the ‘CLEAN’ light?


The ‘CLEAN’ button on your Ninja Coffee Maker gets lit when your machine needs a clean up. However, this little light seems to never go off. You’re not alone in this. Seems like it is a problem for many other users of Ninja. We guess it’s really obsessed with cleanliness. 

Although it’s bothering, it shows how concerned it is with an immaculate taste of your coffee, on the brighter side. After all, the drippings and the minerals can start building up quite rapidly. 

Whatever the reason is, our method is going to turn off that light for many days if not for weeks or months. 

It’s good to clean it often. It’s healthy. Leaving it dirty will also shorten your machine’s life. Your coffee will taste bad. 

We’d suggest you take some time out to clean it once in a week or two or at least once a month. The more often the more better.


What you’ll need?





  • Start by rinsing all the washable/removable parts thoroughly which includes the carafe, water reservoir, and the filter basket. 
  • Now measure out 16 oz. of white vinegar in a measuring pot and pour it in the reservoir. Or simply fill the water reservoir with white vinegar up to the ‘travel mug’ mark. 
  • Fill the rest of the reservoir with drinking water. Now you’ve a fully loaded water reservoir. Place it back. 
  • Place the carafe and the filter basket back as well and press the ‘CLEAN’ button.
  • Now the next step depends on your coffee maker’s model. If the clean cycle is 60 minutes (or anything more than that) then just press it and leave it. However, if it’s only 8 minutes then you need to press the ‘CLEAN’, wait for a minute and then press it again. The process will go into a ‘pause’ mode and the rinsing will stop so that our mixture sits inside still. Now you leave it like this for an hour so that the water-vinegar mixture can do it’s magic.
  • After an hour you’ll return to a display flashing ‘FLUSH’. Now you’ll need to take out the reservoir, carafe, and filter basket, give them all a good and thorough rinse and place them back. 
  • The machine will start flushing the system inside and will wash away the residual of the water-vinegar mixture.
  • Flushing will take around 8 minutes. You can repeat flushing once or twice more if you want to be more sure of getting all the vinegar out.
  • You’ll see the ‘CLEAN’ light will go off (yay!). Clean up is done!



Make sure to clean the plate that’s placed just above the carafe as well, before the build up gets too hard to get rid of. As it’s there to catch all the drippings, you should wash it regularly to avoid building up any gunk. 

How to Clean Ninja Coffee Maker with White Vinegar:

Quick notes

  • The water you’re going to use should be filtered and clean. Cleaning with tap water, which is usually hard water, will be of no avail as the minerals and impurities will tamper with the cleaning process.
  • While deep cleaning can be done once a couple of weeks or once a month (if you’re too busy), you should keep ‘flushing’ your coffee maker more often. This will keep the calcium build up at bay and will make deep cleaning much easier.
  • You can also use a descaling solution instead of vinegar. Follow the same procedure, although refer to the instructions on the descaling solution for more precision and for the correct required quantity.

Maintaining your coffee maker regularly can make it last for ages. However, if you feel it’s time to just change the coffee maker (and the deep cleaning isn’t working anymore), you can always check these some of the very best coffee makers of all time.

Good luck! 🙂

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