How Many Beans to Grind for One Cup of Coffee?

How many beans to grind for one cup of coffee? While the answer isn’t simple math and depends on many variables, we’re here to resolve and inform you about all the sides of the story. You can be a real geek about it and learn all the science, if you’re really that crazy about coffee. Or you could just know the basics and you’ll be good to go. It all depends how good you want to be at coffee making. We’ll get down here with basics. 

How Many Beans to Grind for One Cup of Coffee?


A very rough estimate of coffee beans that you should be adding in a cup is 10.6 grams (around 75-90 coffee beans). These are going to yield you around 2 tablespoons of ground coffee.

Although, the brew time, type of coffee beans, and the coffee type per se, all account for the measurements you’re going to be taking. If you look closely, you’ll come to know how all these variables work as well as all the things you should be doing to avoid a badly brewed coffee. 

So, we’d say a 6 ounces cup of coffee should put a grind of around 10.6 grams of beans in your coffee maker, in general. However, that’s not all. Let’s dig deeper.

The Variables

Personal Preference

First of all, the most important thing is personal preference. If you like your coffee much stronger, a grind of 10.6 grams of beans is not going to be your thing. The vice versa also goes that way. So, we’d suggest that you go for our formula and later adjust it if you want it more strong or more light. 


Types of beans

Secondly, the weight of coffee beans can vary widely depending on their type. There are thousands of beans originating from hundreds of places around the world. Their density varies widely. As mentioned, 75-90 coffee beans should weigh around 10.6 grams as per our recipe. However, this number of coffee beans can weigh anywhere from 8.5 to 12.5 grams depending on their type. Yes, that’s how much it can vary.


How Many Beans to Grind for One Cup of Coffee?

Grounds – Coarse to Fine

Thirdly, the flavor of your coffee is also going to depend on the particle’s texture. The more fine your grind is, the more strong your coffee is going to get. So if you take 2 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee and 2 tablespoons of finely ground, the latter will generate a stronger and more intensely flavored cup of coffee. 

Not only does the flavor differ, the weight can also vary depending on the size of the ground particles. If you were to measure a levelled tablespoon (exactly the same volume) of coarse grind and fine grind each, you’ll find a difference in the weight of each.  

Do you know? If you don’t own a coffee grinder you can also grind your coffee beans in a blender. How? Find it out here.

So, now you know how important it is to get the measurements right. You must be already aware how paramount is every gram of coffee. It can literally make or break your cup of coffee (and your day!). 

But no worries! We’re here to the rescue.



How to fix it?

Well, the easiest way (that you might have already guessed) is using the digital kitchen scale. You can be the most precise with it. Simply take two heaped tablespoons of coffee beans and weigh them. You’ll land around your target of 10.6 grams (it’s getting confusing, isn’t it?)

Adjust the weight and then try the flavor of the coffee that comes out. Now you’re good to adjust it to your liking. Have it all covered for you so you can get your hands on it whenever you’re in a hurry. Also, count your beans on your own as you put them in the grinder. This will make your mornings hassle-free as you won’t need to do it again once you’ve got the right count. 

Now that you know how to and how many beans to grind for a cup of coffee, you might look into owning one of these coffee grinders that are going to make the job easier for you. 


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