Can I Grind Coffee Beans in a Blender?

The thought of not waking up to an aromatic, flavorful, and reviving cup of coffee can be agitating.

You somehow manage to gather all the courage to get out of your warm and cozy bed only to find out your coffee grinder is not working. Or maybe you want to assess your coffee grinding skills because you are giving up on K-Cup pods and grounds.

You are left wondering if you can grind coffee beans in a blender no matter what the reason is. You can definitely go on trying grinding your coffee beans in a blender. There’s no harm in it.

In fact, the blender is supposed to work somewhat similar to a coffee grinder due to the common blade system that they share. It makes sure to cut and mince your coffee beans into minute granules.

You can expect the resulting grind to be a little coarse unless you have a really really strong blender, something like this. Don’t worry though, it’ll be perfect to use when brewing in a drip coffee maker, French press or for a cold brew. 

What you need to look for while grinding the coffee beans in a blender is the quantity and the blend duration. Actually, both depend on each other. The more you put the coffee beans, the more time will be required to make them into a consistent grind.

Now that’s what you wouldn’t want. As the duration of a cycle increases, heat builds up inside the appliance which results in the coffee beans’ natural oils cooking up. This is going to make your coffee taste harsh and bitter. 

In order to avoid this you need to grind your coffee beans in batches. Start by grinding small quantities, around 4-5 tablespoons, at a time. Try grinding for the least time possible while pulsing the blender. 

It isn’t obviously as difficult as it sounds. Just requires a little attention and voila! Your coffee grind is ready and so will be your cup of joe in no time!

Can I Grind Coffee Beans in a Blender?

Yes. So, here is how it goes:

  • Start by adding a little amount of coffee beans at a time.
  • Pulse your blender giving it a break of a couple of seconds so it doesn’t heat up fast.
  • Keep grinding on a medium to high speed till the grind seems to be consistent. 
  • You can tilt your blender a little and a little there while you grind to make sure an even grind
  • Try to keep the duration as little as possible for each batch and grind as fine as you would want (that’s the only tricky part, we promise).
  • Empty and repeat till you get your desired amount of grind


…And you’re done!

You did it! Now you can enjoy your cup of coffee proudly. While you enjoy, take a look at these best coffee grinders available in the market. The burr grinders (that they are called) are definitely the best to grind your coffee beans hands down. The fact that they exist is self-explanatory. So, do check them out to have the perfect and smooth grind each time.


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