Best Way to Clean Charcoal Grill Tips & Trick! (2020)


After BBQing for 24 people on Christmas, I started wondering about the best way to clean charcoal grill. Sure, it was fun and games while grilling lasted. However, the moment it ended I started wondering how I am going to get the oil stains and food droppings out of my grill.

And that wasn’t even the worst part. I realized that I had never cleaned my grill before. This carelessness had caused the grease stains to be almost permanent on the grill. Lo and behold, I was about to lose $200 over my grill.

But here’s the thing, I just wasn’t emotionally prepared to purchase another grill. I mean, why would anyone in their right minds spend $200 again when they can just clean them like brand new within days. So let me show you how to clean a grill.


Best way to clean charcoal grill

Cleaning soothes me and alleviates my stress in so many ways, but I still have to say cleaning a grill? Not an easy job.

However, you don’t have to worry about it all as I have got the best methods for cleaning a charcoal grill. Most importantly, you won’t have to spend hours wiping away when you get just follow my short methods and get work done super easily!

Let’s start

1) Cleaning rust and stains off the grill with acid cider vinegar

My favorite method of cleaning a charcoal grill has to be acid cider vinegar. If you want to save efforts and leave it to nature to fix your dirty grill, then you can hand it over to acid cider vinegar. Citric acid i.e. acid cider vinegar is a great way to remove rust or stains when you leave anything of steel in it for a longer period of time. Here’s how to make this work


Take out your dirty charcoal grill your backyard and clean out the charcoal present in the grill. You have to ensure that not a single briquet of coal is remaining in the charcoal grill as acid does not react well with charcoal.

Following, use water to remove any remaining particles of coal from the grill. The most amazing part comes now where you have to dip a cloth on acid cider vinegar and wipe away the rust and corrosion stains. Let it stay overnight so the rust melts away with vinegar

In the morning, enjoy your clean and bright charcoal grill. It is that easy!

 2) Cleaning with brush and cleaning supplies to clean the grill


If there is no rust, just dirt, and ash on the grill— we have got a solution for that too. It is easy, cheap, and simple, and here’s how to do it.

First off, start by getting the cleaning supplies that actually work. When I started out grilling, I used to dread the process of cleaning due to the fact that I didn’t know how to do it. The tools and supplies I had for cleaning were outdated and not meant for cleaning the grills.

As a result, it took hours and hours of cleaning rigorously and I started hating grilling. Once I called over a professional cleaner to clean my grill and saw a scraper BBQ grill brush. I couldn’t help but notice that his work was done within 15 minutes and I had to pay him $75 for no reason at all.


The next thing I did was go on to my computer and search for the best brushes to clean the grill. I ordered many and tried out a lot of those but found GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper Best BBQ Brush for Grill to be the best.


When I say the best, I mean extremely effective in saving my precious time and effort. Now at least I don’t have to skip the gym after a hard day of cleaning grills.

The brush is like magic for grilling enthusiasts. From the first time I used it, I noticed it cleans the corners of the grill that are unreachable. The grease and dirt were cleaned within minutes and the stains were gone in seconds. Honestly, this was the best way to clean charcoal grill.


Another thing you will love about the brush that I keep raving about to my friends is that it has three brushes in one so the cleaning process is faster. The GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper Best BBQ Brush for Grill pretty easy to carry and handle and frankly, very pocket-friendly as well.

Use the brush with cleaning liquid and wipe way the grill grate and charcoal grate with it. Wash the inside of the grill with soapy water. Afterward, Remove the grill and dab it with brush and cleaning liquid and then clean the bottom of the grate the same way. Remove the ash catcher and clean it using the same way.

 Don’t forget to put the grill back together before you move on with your life.

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3) Lemon and Baking Soda to clean the charcoal grill

If you’re looking for an easy method to clean charcoal grill, this is it.

Yes I know we have all heard about it, but no one really cared enough to give it a try. I had enough time on my hands to try this trick out and guess what, I am in awe!

Not only the trick is super cheap, but it actually works.

All you need to do it cut the lemon in half and rub baking soda on the juicy part of the lemon. Be as generous as you want with baking soda. Meanwhile, let it sit for 1 minute to activate the chemical reaction between baking soda and lemon. Subsequently, start wiping away the dirt and grime off your charcoal grill.

Nevertheless, remember to clean the lemon and baking soda mixture off the grill. For that, simply take a wet towel and start wiping away everything that touched your lemon and baking soda mixture. This is the best method for cleaning charcoal grill.  

Your barbeque grill will start looking like new in no time, perfect to welcome the tailgating season. 

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