TOP 7 Best Gas Grills Under $200

Collecting the charcoal, getting the gasoline and waiting up for the charcoal to ignite is huge havoc especially in an outdoor party where everyone is hungry and you are missing all the fun because obviously who would watch out the grill otherwise? Well, all this hassle is long gone. Looking for best gas grills under $200 reliable and stunning look?

Thanks to the Gas grills that omit this overwhelming grilling process and let you enjoy your barbeque in peace. Gas grills come in very handy and are a smart choice if you do not want your guests to wait long for their food.

Moreover, they are very easy to operate and don’t create much mess. Now the point comes to select the perfect gas grill for your outdoor gatherings. There is a pretty wide range of gas grills such as propane gas grills, natural gas grills, and pellet grills, etc.

We have narrowed it down to 7 best gas grills under $200 for you so that you can pick out the most efficient one.


What You Should Know Before Buying Best Gas Grill?

Now the perfect grill could be pricey like for $500 or $600. Now it is no wonder that those grills could perform the best of services but that is not probably why you are here. There are some pretty good options for those who are on a tight budget but want to have all the fun to gather around and have sizzling grilled food with friends and family. However, before jumping on to the options for best budget gas grills there are some aspects one should consider before buying any gas grills

How Many Burners Do You Need Or What Is The Burger Count?

Now the foremost thing that you should consider is the size of the grill. If you want the grill just for your own family then it would be most probably okay to have a two-burner grill. But if you are a party person or love to have much more variety in food than you should consider grills with multiple burners so that not only you can serve several people at a time but you can also have more food choices at one go.

More the burners more space for you to make different foods in one round. Now comes the burger count. Burger count is kind of a way to measure how large your grill is. And that is done by measuring how many burgers could be grilled on that grill.

And that is how you would get a much better idea about what is the serving size of the grill and what size you should get.


(1) Stainless Steel Grid  

Stainless steel grids are the most efficient choice for gas grills as they are very durable and very much resistant to rust hence have a very long shelf life. Also, they have very good sear provisions depending on the thickness of the steel.

(2) Porcelain Grid 

Porcelain grids are comparatively less lasting than stainless steel grids because they are not better resistant to continuous heat and cooling down hence are prone to catch rust far before than steel grids.

What Burner configuration is better?

Well, there are two types of burners mostly Conventional and infra-red burners. Conventional burner produces a diffused heat whereas infra-red burners produce intense and direct heat that is why these types of burners are mostly used by steakhouses to get that full crust sear on steaks and chops. However conventional burners are mostly recommended for gatherings and outdoor parties as no one wants such a high intensity of heat around people. However, if you plan for a rotisserie than make sure your grill has a rear infrared burner that is used for such purposes.

Gas Check :

Don’t forget to check the BTU/hr. which means how much gas a grill uses per hour. But do not compare it with the temperature of the grill.

For temperature readings the grills have thermometers. Analogue mostly but some good grills come with digital thermometers for more accurate readings.

Now that you know all the requirements you should check before buying a gas grill lets jump on to some options of best gas grills under $200.

 Editor Choice 


1) Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill, Black

  • The Char- griller E 3001 is the most effective choice under budget. The most unusual thing is the barrel shape of the grill which is mostly seen in charcoal grills. It comes with three stainless steel tube burners. It is really surprising to see such a range of burners under $200. 13600 BTUs a piece.


  • Other than that the grill has a warmer rack and a side burner on the side providing an extra space to cook a side dish at the same time while grilling. On the other side, it has a shelf which can be used to keep all the ingredients and sauces saving you some extra space and time. Utensils hook on the shelf also comes in very handy. The overall shape of the grill is not only attractive but very efficient and made to ease out access to things.


  • Now talking about the body, the grill has 3 porcelain coated iron smeared grates that are made to last much longer. The grill comes with a warranty of three years which is quite a long time for cheap grills. It has 438 square inches of main grilling area ensuring a good amount of service for a family at a time. Apart from that the grill has an electronic ignition hence cutting out the hassle to light up the burners.
  • Good quality for such a low price
  • Easy to use
  • Wide space
  • Perfect for outdoor grilling
  • Durable for a long time
  • Heavyweight
  • Hard to assemble

2) Cuisinart CGG-180TB Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill, Black

Now you can experience epicurean grilling anywhere you go with petit gourmet Cuisinart CCG portable table top grill. This convenient grill allows you to enjoy Smokey delights at any time with the minimalist effort. The grill is not only easy to carry around but unlike other portable grills this masterpiece provides ample space to cook for an entire family

  • The cooking grate is 145 square inches and porcelain-coated to ensure a good amount of food to grill with no sticky grease left behind after the session.


  • The grill has an ignition button to light up the grill within no time and with the temperature gauge so you have better control at the heat for the best grilling experience.


  • The grill is exquisite in every way be it easily portable with a locking lid to ensure a good carry. Other than that the grill has foldable legs which make it easier to be settled anywhere any time without taking up much space.


  • No assembling required hence it’s just a minute task to set up the grill and it doesn’t take much longer to heat as well so a perfect fit for a person who is on the go but loves to have char-grilled food right anywhere he is.


  • The grill is compact in shape and only 17 lbs so it is very easy to move it around perfect for smaller families and for picnic near the beach or a lovely evening in the balcony.
  • Portable
  • Enough space to feed a family
  • Smart pick for quick grilling
  • Not suitable for larger gatherings.
  • Needs a separate gas can to be attached


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3) Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

How often do you wish to have a portion of good grilled food around a corner of the lake with birds chirping around and the calming sound of leaves when the air touches them? Sounds so delicious and peaceful no? Well Weber Q1000 is the perfect grill for you that too under great budget.

  • Having an elegant d shape looks this grill in comparatively smaller in size but has a good grilling area of about189 square-inch which is perfect for having multiple burgers at a time.


  •  It has one steel burner of 8500BTU/hr. The grill is heated within no time and has a push-button ignition hence it takes only a few minutes to get going on the grilling session.


  • It has a porcelain coated iron grate that ensures no food sticks on the grates hence makes it very easy to clean. Also, the grate provides an evenly distributed heat overall.


  •  The burner is a stainless steel tube type that is durable for a long time.


  • It also comes with a removable pan underneath to catch all the drippings from the food and keeping the grill clean.


  • The grill is very economical and is easy to carry around just like any other luggage hence perfect for quick getaways. All you have to get is a 14.1 or 16.4 oz. LP cylinder and you are good to go.


  • Easy to carry along
  • Good fit for a small family
  • Durable
  • It doesn’t come with a thermometer
  • No extra space

4) Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This grill has been designed by Char-Broil, the manufacturer of charcoal, gas and electric grills since 1948 and has been cited as the “World’s Best BBQ Grill” in the Book of Bests in 1984. It has created some of the best gas grills under $200 budget and this grill is one of them.


  • Char-Broil Classic 360 comes with three stainless steel inline burners which are highly resistant to corrosion. The burners offer better control of switching between high and low flames. Burners provide 30000 BTU/hour in total. A burners have porcelain-coated tents just to ensure more focused heat and protecting burners from dirt and drippings hence the burners are very easy to clean.


  •  The grates are porcelain-coated iron pervaded making them resistant to rust and durable. The porcelain coating also prevents food from sticking to the grates and provides a very good sear to the food making it more scrumptious.


  • The grill has 360 square inch cooking surface and an additional warming rack of 170 square inches above the main grilling area to provide space for some extra veggies and sausages. There are two metal shelves on the sides of the grill to fit the extra ingredients and sauces.


  • You can also buy the one which comes with a side burner to have more cooking space. The price of both the grills is the same so it depends on you whether you need more space for your utensils and sauces or extra cooking space


  • Have wheels to move it around
  • Have lid and firebox to meet tough weather
  • Elegant structure
  • Easy assembling
  • No thermometer
  • Unfoldable side shelves


5 ) MASTER COOK Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill, 3 Burner with Folding Table, Black 

Another great choice for best gas grills under $200 is Master cook Classic gas grill with 3 burners. This grill is an example of a sophisticated yet very economic pick.


  • The grill has a stylish body with a good porcelain coat to protect it from rust. It has 3 stainless steel burners with 30,000BTU/hour output.  The grids are porcelain coated for better functioning and an even supply of heat. There is a quick ignition button along with temperature measuring gauge and heat control knob which allows the user to switch between intensity very easily for a better quality of grilling.


  •  Talking about the space, the grill has 340 square inches of cooking space over the grates and a large swing warming rack of about 133 square inches so in total 473 square inches of cooking space which is actually enough to serve for a good gathering of people. Hence this grill is an absolute choice for the people looking for the best gas grills but is on a tight budget.


  •  The grill has a piezoelectric push-button ignition that emits the need of striking matches and ensures heat supply at an ease. Other than that the grill comes with a steel body and a porcelain coated lid and firebox to ensure durability and better experience around rough weather conditions.


  •  It also has two metal side shelves to prep your meals and the plus point is that the shelves are foldable making the grill easy to carry places. It also has two 6 inches wheels to aid smooth mobility.


  • Sleek design
  • Easy assembling
  • Foldable side shelves
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Huge cooking space compared to price
  • Only 1 light on the grill



6) Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill, Black


Another charmer grill from Weber’s gas grill range is Q1200. Weber has always made sure that it provides a perfect grilling experience whether it is in the backyard or outdoor at some picnic point. This model of the gas grill is surprisingly very affordable as compared to the services it has to provide. So without further due let’s jump on to its specifications.


  • First of all the model is compact weighing around 29 pounds only and easily portable. You can also buy weber’s portable cart to move around the grill with more ease and to have a decent stand to hold the grill whenever you are outside.


  • The grill has one stainless steel burner generating around 8500 BTU-per-hour. The burner has a good 5-year warranty of rustless and burns less activity.


  • It has porcelain enable cast iron grates for cooking which not only makes food to get a very fine sear but also has a non-stick experience. The grates are very easy to clean and also ensure an even distribution of heat along with the grill. In total it has a 189 square-inch total cooking area which is enough for a small gathering.


  • It has an easy electric ignition button hence is lit instantly. The grill needs a portable propane tank of 14.1 or 16.4 oz. It also has an easy knob to set the burner intensity.


  • It has an iron lit with a porcelain coat to ensure more durability and also has foldable side shelves to give some extra space to prep.


  • Portable
  • Foldable side shelves
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Detachable cleaning tray to control grease
  • Brass handling over this grill can expose you to lead content.

7) Coleman Road Trip LXX Portable Propane Grill, Black 

The name of the grill clearly explains that the Coleman Road Trip LXX Portable grill is an accurate option for the ones who love to travel around and have some delicious grilled meat and veggies on the way or who make spontaneous plans to go backpacking across the city. This grill would be the best travel partner taking care of your hunger needs in just the perfect way possible. Let’s look closer to the specifications that this grill has


  • First and the foremost thing that attracts the customers is its chic, easy to handle and metallic design and the fact that the grill is easy to carry around because of its smooth folding property.


  • Secondly, the grill has two separately adjustable burners.


  • The porcelain-coated metallic burners that are resistant to rust and are very durable. Also, the grilling area can be converted into either a grillet or a stove burner side by side depending on the need. So it would not be wrong to say that the grill is like a moveable mini kitchen in itself.


  • It comes with an easy ignition button.


  • The grill also has a sliding stainless steel pallet under the grilling area giving up some more space for extra utensils and ingredients.


  • The grill has a retractable design which makes it easy to pack up within a minute and get going to road adventures instantly.


  • Built-in thermometer
  • Interchangeable cooking surfaces
  • Detractive model
  • Wide grilling area of 285sq/inches
  • Cleaning is difficult
  • Bottom edges get hot so have to be cautioned while turning the food

Final Verdict


Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill, Black 

Now after listing all the best possible options of best budget grills.  We have concluded with our top pick which is the perfect value for money and that is Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill, Black. This grill is an economical and efficient choice for this budget because it offers more than it costs. Let’s get a closer look at its features.

1) Durable and convenient construction

The grill is built with stainless steel that is powder-coated with porcelain for longevity. Also, the coating makes the grill very effective even under the rough weather conditions. Apart from that the design is sleek and is inspired by the design of charcoal grill hence has a barrel-shaped body with two small chimneys on top that makes it the best stylish pick for this range

2) Convenient grilling area

The grill has a 438 square inches main grilling station with porcelain-coated iron grates that ensure a good sear for your food. 192 square inches warmer rack adds up to the place for having more food and veggies on the station. Also, the grill has a side stove burner so extra gravies could be cooked for a scintillating barbeque. The metal shelves on the side are to accommodate the sides like dips and sauces. And the hooks beneath the shelf give space to hook up utensils. All in all, it is a complete kitchen station that accommodates everything in one place.

3) Best gas grill for the money

The grill also excels for its price and warranty. It is very much durable because of its porcelain coat which makes it resistant to corrosion other than that the grill is perfect for a good gathering of people because of its wide grilling range and burners that provide 40,800-BTU/hour hence is worth the money. So wait no more and pick your favourite and best gas grills under $200 right away.

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