Best Coffee Grinder For Personal Use

With all the products, each looking better than the previous one, selection becomes overwhelming. Everyone strives for the best and wishes to have the best. After all, how is anyone going to strive if the very first moment of the day is disappointing, ruins ones mood, and dwindles their energy. Yes, we mean the cup-of-coffee moment. No compromises on that holy grail whatsoever. To help you achieve the best start of the day, we’ve gathered for you here the best coffee grinder for personal use.

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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill


Despite the size, this teeny tiny machine has all the goodness packed in it for your coffee needs be it espresso, French press, or Mocha express. Although it is a hand grinder, you’ll need less amount of input in return of a substantial amount of mechanical output, all of that making the least noise. It does the work efficiently with the help of ceramic conical burrs that make the grind as smooth and consistent as possible. 

The Skerton Pro’s Hario Coffee Mill has a sleek and stylish design that’ll complement your countertops. All of its components are made tough and sturdy for easy use and long-lasting life. The base is provided with rubber so your grinder doesn’t slip and hop all over while you’re working with it.

Moreover, the type of grind you want is totally up to you. You can either choose to have the finest grind ever or set it to make you some coarse grind and these grind adjustments are undemanding to make.

Although it may take a little more time than its electric counterparts, it is budget-friendly and has quite a lot of features that add to its appeal. 

It includes a glass hopper, a detachable stainless steel handle, and a capacity to hold coffee grounds for brewing up to 8 cups.

The cleaning is really easy too. The grinder comes apart real easy and the whole body is washable. 


  • Plastic cap to store your coffee grounds
  • Durable ceramic burrs
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable


  • May take considerable time to prepare the grind


Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is one of the best coffee grinder for personal use. Having small size and easy handling, this coffee grinder makes a great choice for the beginners. Additionally, it is the choice of the professionals alike. The conical burr prepares the grind fairly quickly. One to two cups of coffee takes around 30 seconds to get done.

What’s the best part? It has 40 grinding options! Isn’t that cool. You can experiment with it and try out many types and styles of coffee with each one turning out best in taste.

You can also rest assured with the customer service with the Baratza Coffee Grinder. They provide a warranty of a year. However, you can get the replacement parts or get it repaired anytime. Their services are world recognized and are much praised.

It makes the best option for those who want to “taste” the difference but are afraid to invest in too much. Although a little cheaper, it won’t prove any less than its expensive counterparts. 


  • Quick preparation
  • Easy handling


  • Requires constant cleaning
  • Fairly noisy


Breville Smart Coffee Grinder

The Breville Smart Coffee Grinder is a real champ among the best coffee grinder for personal use. It has 60 grind settings (even more if you adjust the outer burr) which will allow you to make anything from espresso, to V60, to cold brew, Aeropress, French Press and everything in between – dispensing for you the most finest to coarsest coffee grind. So it’s basically all what anyone would need. For further ease, this coffee grinder comes with serving size options that you can select from as per your need. You can choose between cups and shots to get the right amount of coffee brewed for you. 

It has easy user interaction as well. With easy to use mechanism, you can grind yourself some coffee beans into filters as well, no matter what machine you’re using to brew it. 

Cleaning it is easy too. Not only that you can keep the machine clean effortlessly, the magnetic catch tray provided you can keep your countertops clean as well. 


  • Large and easy to use LCD display
  • Makes the best out of beans with the least wastage
  • Has a preset feature


  • The user manual is a little under-detailed


Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

This one’s a heavy-duty coffee grinder on our list. The Rancilio Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder has commercial grade grinding burrs. The quality of this grinder is unprecedented. You can store the coffee beans in its tinted bean hopper that has a capacity of up to half pounds. 

It operates quite quickly and can grind a double shot in just 12-15 seconds. In terms of usage, the unit is a no-brainer. You can pretty much figure out the settings yourself or with the help of the user manual.

Also, there is rubber provided on the base to avoid slippage.

A little drawback is that the button doesn’t remain switched on when you start grinding (yes, you’ll have to hold the button throughout operation). However, this really shouldn’t matter as the grinder is superfast. Other than that, this grinder is forgiving so you should consider it if you’re at beginner level. 


  • Quiet machine
  • Small in size
  • Precise calibration
  • Consistency in every grind


  • A bit difficult to clean


Baratza Virtuoso+ Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

This is another masterpiece by Baratza and one of the best coffee grinder for personal use. This coffee grinder not only lets you prepare the perfect grind but assists you in the process. For that purpose, it has a digital time that you can set to have the same consistency in every grind. Secondly, it has an LED backlit grounds bin that’ll help you measure your coffee’s amount accurately.

That being said, you can adjust among 40 different settings to have your grind just the way you like.

Another feature which gives our Baratza Virtuoso+ coffee grinder an edge is its ability to grind the beans making little or no static buildup and ensures the best tasting grind for your best tasting coffee

The product is easy to go with and can last you a good amount of time. Even if any part breaks or malfunctions, the company is always there to replace the parts. Apart from replacing parts, you can also easily access how-to videos making any of your problems resolved in minutes. The grinder is easy to set up anyways – no rocket science. 

Overall, this one definitely deserves  to be on your shortlist. 


  • Consistent results
  • Easy to clean
  • Presets grind requirements
  • Pleasant and easy to use
  • Easy switching between settings


  • May scatter grind on your countertop

Now that you’ve selected and probably placed an order, have a look at the best coffee makers that, paired up with any of our coffee grinders, will give you the best brewed cup of coffee ever!

Happy shopping!

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